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Washburn Instructors can couple videoconferencing applications with the online learning environment, Desire2Learn Brightspace, to watch their students take an online quiz, exam, or test. The videoconferencing applications that Washburn supports are Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The Live Proctoring solution works for synchronous online assessments, where all students are expected to start and submit their online quiz within a particular time interval (usually a class period). Live Proctoring is not intended for asychronous assessment, where students have a longer window of time (often days) in which to take their quizzes.

The Live Proctoring option requires that the Respondus LockDown Browser is used. The LockDown Browser ensures that students cannot access other applications, including the controls of the videoconferencing application. This means that, once the student has launched their Brightspace Quiz in the LockDown Browser, they will not be able to change microphone and camera controls for their Zoom or Teams session until they submit the Quiz.


To activate Live Proctoring for an individual Brightspace Quiz:

  • In the course, navigate to Assessments > Quizzes.
  • Select the LockDown Browser and Monitor Dashboard tab (proceed past the introductory video if necessary).
  • From the drop-down menu to the left of the Quiz title, select Settings.
  • Under LockDown Browser Settings, select the radio button for "Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam".
  • From the expanded menu, under Proctoring Options, select the radio button for "Allow instructor live proctoring for this exam (via Zoom, Teams, etc.)". The Instructor Live Proctoring submenu will appear.
  • From the Select your video conferencing system: drop-down menu, select the method you will be using. Zoom and Microsoft Teams are the video conferencing options supported by Washburn ITS.
  • Enter a Start Code in that field. This is a passcode that you will give students once they have all entered the video conference where they will be taking the quiz. The Start Code prevents students from entering the online quiz early, and enforces the requirement that they join the meeting.
  • Select Save + Close.


Keep in mind:

The process that applies Live Proctoring does not create or communicate a video conferencing meeting or send its invitation to students. Instructors will need to create the meeting and inform their students with the link to enter it.

Although instructors can opt into allowing their students to take a LockDown Browser quiz on the iPad, iPads cannot be used with Live Proctoring. iPads cannot run both the video conferencing application and the LockDown Browser simultaneously.

While both use the Respondus LockDown Browser, Live Proctoring and Monitor are mutually exclusive. An instructor cannot use one of the videoconferencing services to observe their students taking the quiz and also have Monitor record their individual sessions.

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