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D2L Brightspace Instructors now have the option to change accommodation settings for a student across all quizzes in a course.

Instructors may receive an official accommodation notice from the Washburn office of Diversity and Inclusion instructing them that a student is allotted more time to take their quizzes. While this function can be set for a student for individual quizzes, this new tool allows the time limit settings to be changed for a student for all quizzes.

To set the quiz length accommodation for an individual student:

  • In the course, navigate to the Classlist
  • From the drop-down menu for the student in question, select Edit Accommodations

Drop-down menu showing the Edit Accommodations

  • The Edit Accommodations overlay will appear

Edit Accommodations Menu

  • Select the Modify Time Limit checkbox


Two options will become available:

Multiplier of original quiz time

This option grants the student additional time based on the time limit set for each individual quiz. For example, if time-and-a-half is a student's accommodation and the course has a 30-minute and a 60-minute quiz, entering 1.5 in the times field would grant an additional 15 minutes and additional 30 minutes to each quiz respectively.

Extra time

This option grants the student a set amount of time for each quiz. For example, entering 20 in the minute(s) field would give a student 50 or 80 minutes on quizzes that are otherwise set for 30 or 60 minutes.

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