Published : Wed 04/07/21 Updated : Thu 03/17/22 Category : resourcespace

Sharing Individual Assets

  • Images can be shared individually wherever you see the 'share' icon.
  • Clicking the 'Share' icon on any asset will bring you to a page with Sharing options.

Sharing a Collection

  • Share a Collection of resources by first selecting a collection in the Collections bar.
  • Then, in the 'Actions' menu, click 'Share.'

Sharing Options

Select from two methods of Sharing resources

  • E-mail Resource 
    • This method sends a link to specified users via email from ResourceSpace.
  • OR Generate URL
    • This method allows you to copy a link and share it however you like.
  • NOTE : On this page you will also see a list of users that are also sharing the resource.

Share E-mail Resource

  1. Type a message to the recipient.
  2. Send email to internal or external users.
  3. If sending to external users, type the full email address and click + .
  4. If sending to internal users, start typing the name of the user and click the name when it appears.
  5. For external recipients, select permission level access.
  6. For external recipients, select end date for share.
  7. For external recipients, select group level access.
  8. Choose who the 'From' address will be, either your account email or from the ResourceSpace system email.
  9. Click 'E-mail Resource' when ready.

Share URL Resource

  • If sharing to an internal user, copy the available URL and share as needed.
  • If sharing to an external user/s, choose the 'access' options from the three dropdown fields.
  • THEN click the 'Generate external URL' button.
  • Copy the new link that appears.
  • Share the link as needed.



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