Published : Wed 03/31/21 Updated : Fri 04/09/21 Category : resourcespace

ResourceSpace is Washburn University's Digial Asset Management (D.A.M.) program. Primarily it is used for Website related images.

Users with an account can :

  • search through all public images loaded for web usage
  • find out if the images are currently used in Cascade
  • request that they be added or updated

CONTACT : for help with accounts and image requests

resourcespace login page

Log In


After logging in to ResourceSpace you'll see the dashboard. There are three main parts of the resourceSpace dashboard.

  • TILES : Tiles generally link to collections of photos. They can be public, private or shared with specific users. 
    • NOTE : One of the tiles links to 'Knowledge Base.' The knowledge base has useful overview information and tutorial videos about ResourceSpace.
  • COLLECTIONS : The bottom of the dashboard has a section that displays 'Collections.' Collections are unique to each user. They default to 'private' but can be shared. They are the main method of personally organizing uploaded images.
  • SEARCH : The right side of the dashboard is the 'Simple Search.' The 'Simple Search' is the main method for users to find images. It is 100% customizable and unique to this installation. Fields can be added, renamed or removed as needed by administrative users.



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