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At the end of a term, a Washburn student may be given an Incomplete. The Desire2Learn Brightspace component of most courses removes student access two weeks after the end of the term. A student given an Incomplete will need to be granted special access to the course, separate from their classmates.

Online Education Support has established a special role for this occasion. The student(s) in question will need their role in the D2L Brightspace course set to Student-Incomplete.

To set a student on a D2L Brightspace course Classlist to Student-Incomplete, rather than the default Student role, follow these steps:

  • Select Classlist from the top navigation.
  • Select the students you wish to edit by checking the box to the left of each of their names. You may need to change the number of students displayed per page in order to see your entire classlist on one page. You can select the number of members to display with the menu above the list to the right.
  • When you have selected the students you wish to edit, click the Enrollment link above the list.
  • For each of the students, select Student-Incomplete on the menus in the New Role column.
  • Click the blue Save button.
Please note: While the role of Student-Incomplete will restore a student's access to a course that is no longer open, it will not provide them with access to any course materials or activities which are locked, inactive, or restricted to dates that are no longer current. These adjustments will have to be made as needed by you. Further, if or when you wish for the student's access to be removed, the above process should be used to return the student's role to Student.

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