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Many publishers have generated online content for use with their textbook, or as the text, and many of these resources are designed to integrate with learning management systems. Usually, that integration is set up so that students do not have to authenticate into another system (single sign-on) to access online content. Some applications can write the results from external assessments to the learning management system’s gradebook. 

The guidelines for a new integration with Washburn’s learning management system, Desire2Learn Brightspace and third-party content are as follows: 

  • All requests for new integrations must come from faculty and be intended for use with an upcoming course or courses. Requests should be sent to, and these requests should come from a Washburn email address. Third party vendors may not request an integration for their own materials.
  • The integration evaluation process involves vetting the product for security, FERPA, and accessibility compliance concerns. The third-party vendor will be required to provide a completed HECVAT (Higher Education Cloud Vendor Assessment Tool). The third-party technical support will also be required to answer FERPA questions regarding the use and storage of student information. 
  • Once the request is approved, a test integration will be established. The vendor will be required to provide Washburn Online Education with test instructor and student accounts, as well as some test content, so that the product can be evaluated for accessibility. The requesting faculty may also be asked to assist with testing the integration. 

This process usually takes at least a month but can take much longer. Much of this interval is dependent upon the response time of the vendor.  Washburn ITS reserves the right to deny integration to a product that does not satisfy the indicated requirements. 

Washburn Online Education is responsible for the integration of the third party’s materials with Desire2Learn Brightspace. ITS Online Education personnel do not have access to faculty or student interfaces within the third party’s space and cannot provide assistance with navigation or troubleshooting once a user has left Washburn’s systems. Faculty are encouraged to locate third party technical and support help and share that contact information with their students. 

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