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The Desire2Learn course copy tool can be very useful for arraying a new course with the same structure as a previously taught course. Links to videos in your Washburn Video library are copied forward and do not have to be recreated. This is also the case for any Video Dropboxes you have created in your course.

Some things to consider in case you have links to Video Dropboxes in your course:

  • When a course is copied, the link to a Video Dropbox is copied. This means that student submissions in the new course will be located in the same place as in the original course. This is different from how the Desire2Learn Assignment (formerly Dropbox) works. For Assignments, a new copy of that course item is created, and student submissions are copied to a unique location for that new course.
  • If you want each new course to have a unique Video Dropbox, you will need to create one for each course in your Washburn Video account. This will group your students’ Video Dropbox submissions together by course designation. Otherwise, each course’s student submissions will be added to the same original Video Dropbox.
  • If you do choose to create a new Video Dropbox, please note that it must have a unique title differentiating it from any others. Online Education Support recommends a name format of course-semester-assignment (e.g.: EN-300 – 2017 Spring – Dramatic Irony).
  • Video Dropboxes are only accessible to the account that created them. This means that if you created a Desire2Learn course that contains a link to a Video Dropbox in your own Washburn Video account, when your course’s materials are copied to another course taught by another instructor, that new instructor will not have access to student submissions through the Washburn Video link in the new course. In cases where you are inheriting course materials in this way, it is necessary for you to remove the link to the old Video Dropbox, establish a new Video Dropbox, and use a link to that.

If you have questions regarding how to insert a Video Dropbox link in your Desire2Learn course, please contact Online Education Support at or at (785) 670-2381. If you have questions about creating a Video Dropbox or have general Washburn Video questions, please contact Multimedia Production at or at (785) 670-3000.

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