About Our Blog

Welcome to the Information Technology blog for Washburn University.  The purpose of this blog is simple; share information and engage the campus community in the effective use of technology.

Technology has a tremendous impact on our lives, both professionally and personally… and it is changing all the time.  The disruptive nature of technology makes it fun, interesting, unpredictable and in all honesty a little concerning.  Our ability to exchange information and plan for the future is critical.

This is a shared blog in which most of the contributors will be ITS staff sharing information on technology affecting the business, academic mission and infrastructure of the Washburn campus.  We also hope to have contributors from across campus sharing their personal perspectives on technology.

You can subscribe to our blog by entering your email address in the box in the right column.  You will receive an email to confirm your subscription and then receive email when new information is posted.  Don’t worry, just like you, we are pretty busy and don’t plan to flood you with articles on information technology.  However, if you want to keep current on trends, learn about new technologies, and participate in IT activities at Washburn University, I encourage you to subscribe.

If you have questions concerning information in this blog, feel free to email us at webmaster@washburn.edu.

Floyd Davenport