MyWashburn and D2L Update

We are working with the vendor on the hardware failure which is causing MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO app to not work.  During this time, it is possible that access to any of those systems will work, but please note that they will likely go down again as systems are tested and information gathered about the hardware failure.  Until we post a notice that the system is up, please consider access to these three systems as temporary.

Again, thank you for your patience while we work through this hardware failure.  We will continue to post updates as available and once the problem is resolved, we will let everyone know.

Thank you!



  1. Sally Kahle says:

    Is D2L still down? I entered my students’ lesson info this afternoon and it seems to appear okay. ?????

    • MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO app are operational since mid-afternoon. However, the problem has not been corrected. It is possible that the hardware will fail again as it has not been resolved. Thus, we are not saying the problem is resolved and possible that it could stop working at any moment. Once the problem is resolved with new hardware, we will send a notice to the whole campus as well as post a update here.


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