Wireless Network changes on August 1st

On Thursday, August 1st, ITS will be renaming 2 campus wireless networks.  These changes will provide uniform naming and a seamless wireless experience as people move between the Washburn traditional campus, Washburn Institute of Technology campus, and the Washburn Tech Advanced Systems Training facility at Forbes.  This change will coincide with our annual reset of device registrations for personal and visitor equipment, personal devices will need to be re-registered on August 1st as well.  The wireless networks will appear as follows:

  • WashburnGuest will replace the recently implemented WUGuest network that provides short-term access for visitors
  • Washburn will replace WUPublic.  This is an unrestricted network that faculty, staff and students should use for registering their personal devices.   It also supports visitors who will be here longer than 3 consecutive days.
  • WUPrivate We have deferred any rename of WUPrivate for at least a year.  There will be no change at this time.  This is a secured network primarily used for Washburn-owned equipment.

Aside from the name changes, there will be no functional changes in how these wireless networks operate.

We are working with Washburn Institute of Technology to upgrade network infrastructure to be able to support these wireless networks.  They will not be available in all Washburn Tech facilities right away.  For the fall semester, these networks will be available in Building C, Building K, and at Forbes.  Other buildings and locations will be added over time.

If you have any questions, please contact ITS at support@washburn.edu or 670-3000.

Multiple Reports of Czech Republic Phishing Messages

We started receiving reports of phishing attempts.  The first few reports came in on Saturday and Sunday the number has tripled.  The message has been the same in all of the reports and below is an example of the message.  Note, this was not sent out by Washburn ITS.  We will never send out such a message or ask for your password.  If you responded to this message, please change your password immediately to a new password you have not used previously.

Your Incident ID is: 130329-018715
This is an automated message to notify you that we detected a login attempt with a valid password to your Washburn! account from an unrecognized device on Sunday, June 14th, 2013 12:26 AM BST.
Location: Czech Republic IP=
Was this you? If so, you can disregard the rest of this email. If this wasn’t you kindly follow this link http://mywashburnportal.webs.com/ to review your Washburn account
The Washburn! Helpdesk

We are working to block this message from arriving on campus.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 785-670-3000 or send email to support@washburn.edu.

In Memory of Rob Burton

This last weekend we lost a friend and collegue in the Washburn community.  Rob Burton worked in Information Technology Services (ITS) as an Application Analyst supporting the Finance office and reporting services.

Rob’s passing was very sudden and I’m sure many of us are still expecting to see him come around the corner to discuss a specific project or new technology.  On a personal note, I wish I had taken the opportunity to get to know Rob better and to thank him for his service to the University.

Below are a few statements from Bob Stoller and a little information about Rob’s background… and a few pictures to remember him.

Rob in his earlier days with ITS.

rob_burtonRob had superb skills as a programmer/analyst and excelled in database queries and reporting.   He exemplified an IT employee. He loved to write code and solve problems. He would often come into the office excited about some new and clever way he found to resolve a difficult programming requirement. Rob was always interested in keeping his skills current and would take specialized continuing education courses in various rogramming languages and techniques. In addition, he was a good listener, a critical soft skill for a programmer/analyst.

Rob graduated from Washburn with a degree in Computer Information Systems in 1996 and immediately joined our ranks as a programmer in what was then the Administrative Data Processing department. At this time all of Washburn’s administrative software was developed in-house by university programmers.

Rob is saying goodbye to an old friend, the IBM AS400 system, as we prepared to shut it down with the deployment of Banner.

Rob with AS400Rob left Washburn University a couple of times to work with Blakely Crop Hail Inc., Topeka Public Schools and Emporia State University.  Fortunately, Rob would return to Washburn and play a significant role in  the development and deployment of key IT systems. He was the only remaining IT person on staff who still knew all the data and code from the legacy administrative software when Washburn chose to implement Banner to support administrative systems. His understanding of our business data and legacy software helped overcome the complexity of migrating and translating coded data from a home-grown solution into a new commercial system.

Below, Rob with the Administrative Systems team at the time of Banner implementation.

Application Services Team








Rob was a kind hearted and caring individual; and we were very blessed to have him as a member of the ITS team and the Washburn community.   He will be missed.