Learning Management System review and selection process update

The LMS review/selection committee has released an RFP for vendors to submit proposals for a new LMS to be implemented for Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology by Fall 2013.  Vendor proposal deadline is Aug. 31st, 2012.  Following proposal submissions by the vendors, the selection committee will review proposals and meet on Sept. 11th to make a final recommendation on what vendors to bring to the campus for presentations.  Vendor presentations will potentially be scheduled between Sept. 24th and Oct. 12th and give ample opportunity for faculty, students, and staff to attend, ask questions of the vendors, and provide feedback to the selection committee before a final decision is made in late Oct. For more detailed information on  the timeline, committee members, selection process, survey results, and more go to: http://www.washburn.edu/lms . We encourage your participation and value your input into this very important selection and implementation for the Washburn community.

Washburn will NEVER ask for your password in e-mail

Just a quick security reminder as we all start a new semester:

  •     Washburn staff will NEVER ask for your password in an e-mail.
  •     No other organization you do business with should ever ask you for your password via e-mail either.
  •     Never send anyone your password via e-mail.

While our security filters successfully block most e-mails of this type, some will inevitably get through.  Malicious e-mails may look very official and may threaten significant consequences, these are just attempts to scare you into revealing privileged information.  When you receive messages like this, you can forward them to reportspam@washburn.edu.  This will put them in our system for automatic review and action.

If you ever have a question about the legitimacy of an e-mail, you can call User Services at 670-3000 or e-mail support@washburn.edu.  We’ll be happy to help.

New WiFi in Residential Living

Washburn Information Technology Services is completing the installation of new wireless equipment in Residential Living facilities to better meet the needs and expectations our students living on campus. We expect this will provide substantially better service than our old system as we see more students, more equipment, and a wider variety of devices communicate on our campus wireless network.

The new wireless system replaces an older system that was designed around centralized, high-power equipment.  The new equipment is smaller, faster, and operates at lower power levels to reduce interference and work better with newer mobile devices.

We are installing many more access points (113 APs with the new system vs. 24 with with the old) and are placing them closer to the where the students live – in every suite in Kuehne, West, and Washburn Village and in student living spaces in the LLC. This allows us to improve placement of equipment to ensure good service and will substantially increase the total number of client devices we can support.

The new system is designed to optimize the sharing of available bandwidth while providing a high level of overall throughput in order to support, among other things the high definition internet video and other anticipated bandwidth-intensive technologies in the future.

We are very excited about the improvements this will bring and look forward to expanded use of this system as demand grows elsewhere on campus as well.

Additionally, we won’t be abandoning the older equipment we are removing from Residential Living. We will instead be reallocating it to areas where the design of that equipment can provide service more optimally. All of the equipment we remove from Residential Living will go to providing service for the direct benefit of our students elsewhere on campus.