Notice of Sender Failed Fraud Detection Appearing in Email Messages

Information Technology Services (ITS) started seeing an increase in reports of email messages being received in Washburn mail accounts with the following text:

This sender failed our fraud detection checks and may not be who they appear to be. Learn about spoofing (link to Microsoft site about spoofing).

The message typically goes directly to the Junk folder on the Office 365 Washburn email account. We believe the cause of this happening is that the sender is sending the message from another source (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) and setting their From address as their Washburn address. We are tracking this and will update if we discover additional information.

If you have your mail forwarded to another email address, we would suggest that when responding to those forwarded messages that the From address of the respective mail service is used. When setting the From address to your email address and sending from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc., this will cause the text above to display the notice to the recipient as listed above.

The change in seeing the new notice on messages sent in this manner is a change from Microsoft. It is not something we in ITS can control.

Any questions or concerns, please contact ITS User Services at 785-670-3000 or send email to


Office 2016 Scheduled for Campus Installation for Fall 2017

It is important to maintain current software on University computers. To that end, we are planning to update all campus computers to Office 2016 for the fall 2017 semester. The look and feel of Office 2016 remain unchanged from version 2013 as the ribbon remained unchanged. There are new features and options available in 2016. […]

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Office 365 Updated Steps for Installing or Removing the Office Suite on Personal Devices

Picture of Menu within Office 365 for Installing Office

A reminder that Microsoft Office can be installed on up to five devices as long as you are an employee or student at Washburn. We previously posted directions on this process in December 2014 and wanted to provide another update on that process. The process remained the same although now faculty/staff do not need to […]

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Spam or Phishing Attempts in Email

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that ITS will never ask for your account information especially your password. If you are ever unsure about an email message, feel free to forward it to or call us at 785-670-3000. A message asking you to update your account information is spam. By marking […]

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Hardware Replacement for MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO Completed

We have corrected the problem with the hardware that was failing with MyWashburn.  We were ready to put the solution into place on January 24, but ran into problems.  Thus, the problem was resolved with new equipment on Sunday, January 31.  During the time of working to install the new equipment we did not have […]

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Down and Back up as of 11 am

The MyWashburn system was down for about 30 minutes this morning.  The site, including D2L and Ellucian GO, are both back on-line and working again as of this update.  We will continue to post updates regarding up or down status.  Any questions, please contact us at  

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Web Site Restored Mid-Afternoon Thursday

The MyWashburn site has been operational since about mid-afternoon.  We quickly restarted the system and it was back on-line by 3:15 pm today.  I apologize for not posting an update once the site was operational.  We continue work to rebuild the failing component.  We are hopeful that the new equipment will be in place by […]

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Web Site Problems for MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO

We are seeing access problems and receiving reports of not being able to access MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO.  This started about 2:40 pm this afternoon.  We are aware of the access problem and working to get it on-line.  We are continuing to work on a new hardware solution to fix this problem. Once access […]

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MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian GO Back Online

Access has been restored.  Thank you for your patience while we work on this hardware problem.  As we posted yesterday, we are still working on the problem, so possibility that access could go down again.  Please continue to check this site for updates.  We are working on building new hardware to fix the failed hardware.  Once […]

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MyWashburn, D2L, and Ellucian Go Down

Access to the MyWashburn sites are down as of 9:20 am this morning.  As indicated in the update yesterday, the problem with the hardware will continue until we post that it has been resolved.  Please watch this site for updates. For faculty/staff, please note that it is possible to access Banner by visiting and […]

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