Desire2Learn Withdrawn Student Participation Information

Washburn instructors are asked to provide participation information for some students who have withdrawn from courses. When a student is withdrawn from a course, they no longer appear as active in the Desire2Learn shell for that course.

Some student participation information persists in the Desire2Learn course shell, and can be used to report how much a student participated in the online component of a course. First, all Discussion participation persists after a student is withdrawn from a course; all posts and replies remain intact.

Additionally, instructors can view all the grades that a dropped student received up to the point where they withdrew. That information does not appear in the Grades area with the grades of currently enrolled students. To access that information:

  • Within the course, select Communication from the navbar, then select Classlist.Communication > Classlist
  • On the Classlist, select the Enrollment Statistics button.Enrollment Statistics
  • On Enrollment Statistics, scroll roughly halfway down to the Withdrawals section. This section shows the names, usernames, date of withdrawal, and last login date for each withdrawn student. From the drop-down menu to the right of the student’s name, select View grades.Withdrawal Menu
  • That selected student’s individual grades screen will appear.

Withdrawn Student Grades

As always, please contact Online Education Support with any questions regarding Desire2Learn records of student participation.

Grades Export

Desire2Learn instructors have the ability to export their grades directly from their course’s Grades area into Washburn’s student information system (Banner). This process, Grades Export, transfers the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade for each student from Grades to that student’s corresponding transcript location.

Grades Export is available to all instructors at the end of each term andĀ for several days following the end of the term. Announcements are sent to instructors regarding this window prior to availability.

Please see this linked document for details regardingĀ Exporting Final Grades from D2L to Banner.