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The Best Apps for Teaching


Some of my best conversations about teaching have occurred at the Rec (SRWC).  Trapped on a stationary bike or treadmill for 45 minutes I often find myself next to Roy Wohl (Kinesiology), Russ Jacobs (Philosophy), Liviu Foria (Business), Rick Ellis (LINC), or Joel Bluml (SRWC).  Last month I found myself on an elliptical next to Jennifer Ball (Business).  She started to tell me about a great app she was using for her classes.  This app allowed her translate her old Power Points into e-content into which she would embed quizzes.  “Fantastic!”  I said.  “Please tell me the name of this cool tool.”   Jennifer was happy to share this information with me, but 30 minutes (and 275 calories) later the name had completely escaped my mind.  This happens to me all the time.  So I am putting out a call today.  Please burn some calories by moving your fingers to post a comment about your favorite App that you use in your teaching.

P.S.  You burn 29 calories an hour typing.  Its better than nothing.


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