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A listing of web page modules in our Cascade, Single Column Page template.
screen shot of web page design elements

Web page layout options

Our single column page template has a number of design elements available to create interesting layouts. In cascade we refer to these design elements as 'modules.' In 2018 we moved to this single column format which contains a lot of opportunities for images and ways to break up text.

We designed these elements to have different visual weights. Generally speaking, visual weight is equivalent to how important each part of the content is on the page. Content should have a hierarchy based on importance and the elements should reflect the relative importance. 

Please use this PDF for referencing web page module options.

Primary Content options

  • Introductory Text
  • Featured Links
  • Collapsible Items/Regions
  • Primary Related Links
  • Graphic Links
  • Featured Text

Secondary Content options

Below the Secondary Content are 'News/Events' and 'Contact' sections.

  • Introductory Text
  • Featured Links
  • Related Links
  • News / Events
  • Contact Section


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