book cover of Webster's Spanish-English dictionary┬áThis year’s group is getting deep. Really deep. They’re discussing what they are seeing and experiencing with thoughtfulness and compassion.

For more than two hours last night around a bonfire, the 14 students, two Washburn faculty/staff and ProNica’s director shared reflection and ideas.

Reflections on:

  • The Spanish they’re learning and how wake their minds are feeling.
  • Thanks to the art school and seed jewlery cooperative we visited: How communities here organize and what that means and
  • The value here of making work to sustain yourself and your family when you don’t have formal employment, like 70 percent of Nicaraguans.
  • The farm-to-table tour and meal at the organic coffee farm of less than nine acres.
  • And so much more.

Today, those observations are sure to continue as we journey to Esteli and tomorrow to the rural community of El Limon for our family stay.


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