Adobe Changing Purchasing Options for Creative Suite Products

Many of the departments on campus utilize Adobe products for their work.  A change by Adobe in how products are purchased has been set recently and is approaching quickly.  After February 28, 2015, the Adobe Creative Suite will no longer be available to purchase as stand alone one time purchase.  Adobe introduced Creative Cloud about two years ago and while they have allowed purchases for the Creative Suite, it was mentioned that in the future it would need to be a Creative Cloud purchase instead.

What does this change mean for our campus?  For one, those departments that have in the past purchased new Adobe software once every few years will now have to purchase Adobe software on a annual basis.  It has been mentioned that Acrobat Pro will continue to be available as a one-time purchase and not be part of this change. 

Adobe is offering a live webinar to discuss the changes on February 5 and 10.  You are invited to either watch in your office, home, etc., or you can join me in Bennett 102 on Thursday, February 5 at 11:00 am.  These webinars are to provide information about the changes by Adobe and what this means moving forward for purchases.

Adobe webinar details and to register be found on the Adobe Events website where you can also register for the webinar(s).  This will also be offered in Bennett 102 (details listed below) to view where I will be available for question/answer following the webinar.  The webinar will be one hour.

Date: Thursday, February 5, 2015
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Location: Bennett Computer Center, Room 102

Any questions or comments, please contact ITS User Services at 785-670-3000 or


Office 365 Spam Filtering and E-Mail Routing Changes

ITS has removed e-mail routing through the old Washburn mail system.  E-mails to addresses are now being delivered directly to Microsoft Office 365.

For the most part, this change will not be noticeable to you.  Key changes:

  • E-mail spam filtering is no longer being done via the Barracuda Spam firewalls
  • E-mails will no longer arrive with [SPAM] or [POSSIBLE SPAM] headers
  • You will no longer receive e-mail quarantine reports (with a possible exception of a last one for today)
  • Spam filtering is being perform by Microsoft Office 365 anti-spam systems and suspected spam is delivered to your “Junk Email” folder

Let us know if you have any questions.  We’re preparing additional guidance on managing your spam settings and will publish that shortly.  Microsoft documentation on spam management in Office 365 can be found at this link:

Questions or problems, please contact ITS User Services at or by calling 785-670-3000.