Office 2013 Evaluation with Deployment for Fall 2013

Microsoft has released a new version of the Office suite.  Over the course of the summer, we will be evaluating when we should migrate to the new version.  The new version is 2013 and while it has a lot of the same features, the user interface has been updated.

The new version has already shown up on new computers and students, faculty, and staff are able to purchase Office 365 which includes Office 2013 for their personal computers.  Microsoft always allows for backward compatibility and in this case it is no different.  Office 2013 will be able to open older versions and there is a conversion tool available to be able to open 2013 files on older installations.

By July, we will have reviewed Office 2013 to determine if there are issues that would delay us to a later date for the update.


  1. regina mendoza says:

    As long as there is adequate training and it is done during the summer–all is good.

  2. I look forward to using the new version of Office suite. However, I hope there will be some training in it for faculty before fall classes as my EN 208 students will need to work in it. Thanks, Mary

    • Mary,

      Yes, we will have training and help files avaliable. Many of your students will possibly be familiar with it as they will be using the 2013 version if they purchased it recently or over the summer.

  3. Yes, it sounds great…I am interested in a little face to face training as well. I have already received shared documents from my professional organizations in Office 365.

  4. floyd Davenport says:

    I’m excited for the new version. From what I’ve seen so far, it is not has heavy-handed as the original ribbon menu and probably integrates more closely with their new online services. Thanks John.

  5. There are short videos available from the Microsoft site for showing what is new with Microsoft Office 365.

    For example, for Word 2013, visit

    I’m excited about what I am seeing. (We’ve come a long way since WordMarc!)


    • Sue,

      Thank you for the link! Yes, I have been using Office 2013 for about a month now. I love it! We have it set up so that faculty/staff can test it remotely which we will be sending to people that have requested that access.

      The video you provided looks good too. Thanks!



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