OCD Vol. 9 – Online Resources and LMS Selection

You can now find the recording of the “Online Course Management Clear Expectations – Making a Clear Syllabus” presentation online along with a sample syllabus and a syllabus outline on the Presentations page of the Online Course Design section of the Online Education Support website. Please, let me know what other types of things you would like to see presentations about.

Did you know that as an institution we have access to a whole archive of online presentations via Starlink? There are some really amazing ideas out there. To gain access do the following:

  1. Go to http://www.starlinktraining.org
  2. Place your mouse over the “Membership” option on the grey bar (you don’t have to click)
  3. Click “Create Individual Account” from the drop-down menu
  4. Fill in the form with your Washburn information
  5. Once you have logged in, click the E-Library option on the Members Page (should be the first page you are brought to after signing in)
  6. Click Archived Videos (after the paragraphs of text)
  7. A new window will open, select the collection you want to look through and start viewing

There is A LOT of stuff out there. It is definitely worth a few minutes to go take a look.

And finally, don’t forget, LMS selection is coming fast and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to have their say. All the vendor demonstrations are available for viewing. Log in to MyWashburn and go to the Technology Support tab. There will be a “LMS Search” area with a link to LMS Presentations. There is also a link to the LMS website where you can find the evaluation forms so you can let us know what you think of the different aspects of each platform.


  1. kEITH ROCCI says:

    Thanks Sue! Good Stuff!

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