Learning Management System review and selection process update

The LMS review/selection committee has released an RFP for vendors to submit proposals for a new LMS to be implemented for Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology by Fall 2013.  Vendor proposal deadline is Aug. 31st, 2012.  Following proposal submissions by the vendors, the selection committee will review proposals and meet on Sept. 11th to make a final recommendation on what vendors to bring to the campus for presentations.  Vendor presentations will potentially be scheduled between Sept. 24th and Oct. 12th and give ample opportunity for faculty, students, and staff to attend, ask questions of the vendors, and provide feedback to the selection committee before a final decision is made in late Oct. For more detailed information on  the timeline, committee members, selection process, survey results, and more go to: http://www.washburn.edu/lms . We encourage your participation and value your input into this very important selection and implementation for the Washburn community.


  1. lESLIE CHARLES says:

    Over the summer I researched an issue related to scanning files and indexing electronic files to student records. Currently, we (Washburn Employees) can only send files from copier/scanners through email (one document at a time). I talked with Ghennet.tesfamichael@ricoh-usa.com. She is a Help Desk Analyst for Richoh-USA the parent company of Savin (the manufacturer of the scanner/copier our department uses). The Help Desk Analyst said that it is common practice (throughout various industries) to utilize the Folder option on Savin machines to send multiple documents to a point on a network so that electronic documents can be further processed. Floyd Davenport, Washburn’s CIO, realizes the need to remove constrains that will allow employees to be more productive, but he must balance this with network security. I hope you will include someone from the Richo corporate office (not just a local distributer) that understands these parameters and can address the need to help employees become more productive while maintaining network security. In addition to the procutivity issues there is a cost factor. At present the “solution” is to maintain perhaps hundreds of little, stand-alone scanners all over campus. These small scanners are not near as reliable or of the quality of (for example) a Savin or Ricoh full service copier/scanner. Utilizing the “folder” option would eliminate the need for stand-alone scanners, reduce costs, and make it easier for many to multitaks (for example: we currently have to “run down a flight of stairs” in order to use one of the little scanners, which produce lower quality electronic images).

    Another thing I want to talk about is “real network security.” Network security is more than just limiting employees ability to do things on the network. We have to learn to be smart. Group Think is when people stop questioning the status quo. If Washburn is smart about network security it will learn to do such things as: determine operating capability at peak flow + significant operating capacity, develope “virus labs” that constantly test and correct weak points in the system, energize IT staff to think “out-of-the-box” and make sure ideas from even the lowest echelons are discussed and that supervisory authority never stands in the way of innovation.

    Leslie Charles Coover
    Washburn Secretary and Alumni of the Washburn School of Business

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