OCD Vol. 7 – Active Learning

Faculty Focus had a great article a few months ago about the Five Key Principles of Active Learning. These are applicable in the online environment also. The five principles are:

  1. Learning involves the active construction of meaning by the learner.
  2. Learning facts and learning to do something are two different processes.
  3. Some things that are learned are specific to the domain or context (subject matter or course) in which they are learned, whereas other things are more readily transferred to other domains.
  4. Individuals are likely to learn more when they learn with others than when they learn alone.
  5. Meaningful learning is facilitated by articulating explanations, whether to one’s self, peers, or teachers.

Please read the article to find out more information about each principle.

ANGEL Tip – If you come to ANGEL via MyWashburn, make sure you have set your MyWashburn timeout settings. By default it is set for 15 minutes and most people find that is not enough time, especially when working in an online course. To set the timeout:

  1. Go to MyWashburn
  2. Log in
  3. Select the “My Account” link on the upper left.
  4. Under the “Change Timeout” section, choose your new timeout setting from the pull-down list. (It is recommended to set it to at least 120 minutes in order to accommodate idle time that may occur when reading assignments etc.)
  5. Click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom right of the screen

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