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The upcoming hardware maintenance for Banner scheduled to start this evening (Friday, March 14th, 2014), WILL NOT affect access to Desire2Learn.  There will be a short maintenance window of work performed by Desire2Learn scheduled for Saturday, March 15th from 1:00AM-3:00AM CST and access during this time WILL BE affected.

If you experience any further access issues with Desire2Learn beyond the 1:00-3:00AM Saturday scheduled maintenance, please send email to:

Desire2Learn partial access issue 1-21-14

Last night (1-21-14) between 5:00 and 9:00pm, our campus experienced partial access issues to Desire2Learn (D2L).  Faculty and students were able to access D2L through MyWashburn courses but the direct access to Desire2Learn at was not working.  Full access to Desire2Learn has been restored and we do not anticipate any further issues.  We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.  If you continue to have any further questions or concerns about Desire2Learn, please contact Online Education Support at .


Applying Recent Copyright Court Decisions to Distance Ed webinar

Join us this Thursday, Oct. 17th from 1:00-2:00pm in the Shawnee room of the Memorial Union as we listen to a highly interactive webinar from Magna Publications on Copyright.  Learn what resources can be used legally in distance education and how to use them.  Linda Enghagen, J.D. is the presenter for this webinar.  She is an attorney and a professor in the Isenberg School of Management at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Washburn has obtained a campus license for this webinar to present it live and provide the recorded session to our campus later as well.  If you cannot attend the live session, we will send information to the campus on how to access the recorded session.

For more information on the webinar:  Applying Recent Copyright Court Decisions to Distance Ed

*Supplemental materials from this webinar can be found within Desire2Learn, in the D2L Training course under the ADA, QM, and Copyright module.  A copy of the recorded webinar will be made available in this location once it is obtained.



Summer 2013 courses in Desire2Learn


In Summer 2013, we will begin our transition to Desire2Learn as our new learning management system (LMS) for online and web-assisted courses.  Some courses will use ANGEL and some will use Desire2Learn for Summer 2013.  By Fall 2013, all courses will use Desire2Learn.

Desire2Learn Logo Link

What this means for you:

  • Clicking on your course link in MyWashburn will take you to the appropriate environment for your course. (Either Desire2Learn or ANGEL)
  • There is a Student Orientation available on your Desire2Learn homepage that will assist you with navigation and use of the new LMS.
  • If your course is in Desire2Learn and the semester hasn’t started yet, you will be taken to your Desire2Learn homepage and that course will appear there as an inactive link with a date indicating when it will be available.
  • If you would like to go directly to Desire2Learn, you can click on the logo on the MyCourses tab in MyWashburn or go to: ; log in with your MyWashburn username and password.
  • If you would like to go directly to ANGEL , go to and log in with your MyWashburn username and password.

Please contact Online Education Support at or 785-670-2381 if you are experiencing any difficulties when accessing Desire2Learn or ANGEL for Summer 2013 courses.

Desire2Learn courses for Summer 2013

This past weekend Washburn connected our student information system, Banner with Desire2Learn (D2L) so courses, instructor assignments and student enrollments will flow (real time) to D2L for Summer 2013 courses and all Fall 2013 courses.  Students will be able to access the course link in MyWashburn for Summer 2013 courses taught in Desire2Learn and be linked to their D2L Homepage until the course starts.  When courses begin for Summer 2013, students will then be linked directly into their D2L course from MyWashburn.

Student online training materials will be available on every student’s Desire2Learn Homepage for information on navigation and general use of the Desire2Learn environment.

A total of 136 courses at Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology will be taught in Desire2Learn this summer 2013.  A total of 84 faculty/instructors at both campuses have chosen to teach in D2L for Summer 2013.  To date, we have had a total of 185 faculty/instructors/staff signed up, completed, or currently enrolled in Desire2Learn training to prepare for teaching in this new system.

More training opportunities are available for faculty and staff by signing up at:

Sign up now and learn this exciting new system for online courses!


(Direct access to Washburn’s Desire2Learn can be found at:

Login using your mywashburn username and password.)




Quality Matters

As many of you are in the process of building your courses in Desire2Learn, please keep in mind the Quality Matters rubric and the standards that will make your course a quality online course for your students.

QM Standards 2011-2013-3

Desire2Learn training team

A team of faculty and staff have been identified to assist in the implementation and training of Desire2Learn for Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology campuses. Thank you to all who are participating in this exciting transition to Desire2Learn! All training team members will be attending a two-day session on campus provided by our D2L representative, Kerry O’Brien, Feb. 14th and 15th. From there, they will be working with Sue Taylor-Owens to provide specific training opportunities to meet your needs using Desire2Learn. There will be training opportunities fully online and a combination of online and face-to-face sessions to meet the variety of faculty schedules and preferred method of learning. Training opportunities will begin the week of March 11th. Additional sessions will be available April 15th and throughout the summer 2013. More details to come! Please look to this blog for further Desire2Learn information.

Desire2Learn Training Team
Sue Taylor-Owens
Keith Rocci
Vickie Kelly
David Pownell
Barbara Ginzburg
Becky Dodge
Janice Bacon
Keith Farwell
Donna Droge
Don Williams
Susan Jarchow
Marc Routsong
Jacq Kelley
Michael Newman
Ivy LaGrone