Grades Export

Desire2Learn instructors have the ability to export their grades directly from their course’s Grades area into Washburn’s student information system (Banner). This process, Grades Export, transfers the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade for each student from Grades to that student’s corresponding transcript location.

This process is available to all instructors at the end of each term. It is also available at midterm to those instructors that are required to submit midterm grades for their students. Instructors who are required to submit midterm grades are notified by administration.

Both midterm and final Grades Export are available to instructors for several days following the end of the term (or midterm). Announcements are sent to instructors regarding this window prior to availability.

Two sets of instructions are provided for Grades Export:

Exporting Final Grades from D2L to Banner describes how to submit final grades from the Desire2Learn Grades area.

Exporting Midterm Grades from D2L to Banner describes how to submit midterm grades from the Desire2Learn Grades area.


Master Syllabus Addendum to Course Syllabus

Instructors are encouraged to include additional Washburn University information with their course syllabus. This Master Syllabus is located at this link off of the VPAA webpage:

The updated Master Syllabus is also available for Desire2Learn instructors to link to from within their courses. Linking to the Master Syllabus provides the benefit that any changes made to the original will appear the next time a user selects the link. Additionally, if contents are copied from one course to another course, the copied link will continue to point to the most up-to-date material.

The steps to link to the Master Syllabus from with a D2L course are:

  1. Go to the module where you place your course syllabus
  2. Click the New button
  3. Select New Link from the menu
  4. Type University Syllabus Additions in the Title box
  5. Delete http://from the URL box
  6. Copy and paste the following text into the URL box:
  7. Click the Create button


Instructor Dashboard and Course Setup Checklist

The Instructor Dashboard and Course Setup Checklist is a landing page and workflow for instructors that provides a welcome tour and task list for a quick and easy way build out upcoming Desire2Learn courses.

The Instructor Dashboard is part of a Personal Dashboard tool. The dashboard displays an instructor’s full course list, with the ability to set current courses as favorites for easier access. Instructors can also view a notification if their courses are not visible to students yet and access their own profiles from the Dashboard view. If an instructor needs to access their organization landing page, they can select the Classic Homepage link. Instructors can also choose their default landing page to be either the Classic Homepage or the Instructor Dashboard by clicking the Settings link. This will change which page they see when you log in to D2L Learning Environment. The Settings Link also allows you to reset the Welcome tour to view it again.

Instructor Dashboard

The Course Setup Checklist contains a list of suggested course setup tasks with shortcuts to the tools. Tours appear on those pages to demonstrate how to get started on the task. The Checklist lets instructors keep track of completed items. The Course Setup Checklist can also be accessed from the top of course homepages when there are still items to complete. This tool is ideal for new D2L users, as well as for experienced instructors, as it helps fast-track the process of setting up a course in D2L Learning Environment. The Instructor Dashboard must be enabled first for the required Course Setup Checklist permissions to appear. Administrators must set the permissions for instructors to view the Course Setup Checklist.

Course Setup Checklist

Only Desire2Learn instructors will have these two homepage options. Students only see the classic homepage.


Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard Update

The Respondus LockDown Browser & Dashboard has been moved inside Desire2Learn. This change was mentioned in August’s Continuous Delivery Updates.

This interface is accessible to instructors through Assessments > Quizzes. On the Quiz List, the fourth tab is labeled Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor.

These options being located where instructors control quizzes will make the Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard widget obsolete, and it will be deprecated and eventually removed.

Enrollment in the IRB Course in D2L

Any Washburn user who has a Desire2Learn account can access the (IRB) Institutional Review Board course. A user who is enrolled in the IRB course accesses it through the course link on their D2L homepage in the My Courses widget under All Semesters. If you need to access the IRB course and do not see that course link, you can Self Register for that course.

To Self Register for the IRB course, navigate to your Desire2Learn homepage. This can be done by selecting the My Home link on the upper left anywhere in D2L.

  1. From the homepage navbar, select Other, then Self Registration from the drop-down menu.
  2. Under Self Registering Course Offerings, select the link for IRB (Institutional Review Board).
  3. Under Description, select Register.
  4. Under Registration Form, your first name, last name, and email will populate the corresponding fields. Select Submit.
  5. Under Confirmation, select Finish.

Please see the Washburn Institutional Review Board webpage for additional information about IRB.

App Finder available to instructors

Brightspace App Finder shows instructors what third-party applications are available for use with Desire2Learn as well as which applications are already integrated with Washburn’s D2L.

A widget to access App Finder is placed on instructors’ Desire2Learn home pages. Students do not see the widget.

App FinderSelecting the App Finder icon in the widget will launch App Finder in a new tab.

The App Finder shows instructors what third-party integrations currently exist and allows them to search for particular kinds of third-party applications. Selecting ‘My Apps’ shows the instructor what integrations are already in place with Washburn’s Desire2Learn environment.

Adobe Presenter in Desire2Learn

Adobe Presenter files do not appear correctly as Desire2Learn content depending on in which browser the presentation is viewed. The most common issue is appearing very small on the webpage.

All presentations appear correctly in Google Chrome and Safari. Many but not all will appear correctly in Firefox. Adobe Presenter presentations appear reduced or are otherwise incorrect when viewed with Internet Explorer.

Online Education Support continues to work with both Adobe and Desire2Learn to resolve this issue across all supported browsers. At this time, this issue concerns only Adobe Presenter files. Articulate, Captivate, OfficeMix, and other products do not seem to be affected.

Removal of ANGEL courses transferred to Desire2Learn

When Washburn initially transitioned the learning management system from ANGEL to Desire2Learn, ANGEL courses were migrated and converted into separate courses in Desire2Learn. Instructors then copied the transferred content into their upcoming Desire2Learn courses.

Online Education Support will begin the process of removing these migrated courses from Desire2Learn. Three things for instructors to know about this process:

  • Any course content that was copied from the transferred courses to actual semester courses will persist in those courses. Only the original converted ANGEL course will be removed.
  • At any point in the future, any ANGEL course’s material can be migrated or remigrated into Desire2Learn.
  • This removal does not affect what students can see.

Instructors can allow iPads for LockDown Browser quizzes

Instructors have the option of allowing students to take a Respondus LockDown Browser quiz on an iPad. By default, requiring the LockDown Browser means that a student must use a Mac or Windows computer.

If you wish to allow your students to take a LockDown Browser quiz on their iPads, you will need to opt into that permission in the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Dashboard.

Information about how to access the Dashboard and access the LockDown Browser options is available in Desire2Learn in Faculty Resources in the Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor Dashboard module. In that module are documents outlining how to add the Dashboard to your course and how to change the iPad option.

This post indicated to students how to download the Respondus LockDown Browser to their iPad.

Respondus LockDown Browser for iPad

A version of the Respondus LockDown Browser is available for the iPad. An instructor that requires the LockDown Browser for a quiz can choose to allow students to take it on an iPad. A quiz requiring Respondus Monitor (which requires use of the LockDown Browser) can also be released to be taken on an iPad.

The Respondus LockDown Browser app for the iPad can be downloaded here from Apple iTunesOnce the LockDown Browser app has been downloaded and installed:

  1. Enable iPad’s “Guided Access” by selecting iPad > Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Turn on Guided Access and set a passcode (you need to remember this passcode to exit Guided Access after an exam). The setup for Guided Access only needs to be done once.
  2. Start the LockDown Browser app.
  3. The first time the app is used, you will be prompted to select your institution and server. (If you later need to change the institution or server, select the settings icon on the LockDown Browser toolbar.)
  4. Triple-press the iPad home button to start Guided Access and enter LockDown Browser.
  5. After completing the exam, triple-press the home button and enter the passcode to exit Guided Access.
  6. Press the Home button again to return to the Home page.

These steps are provided on the iPad during this process as well.