Respondus LockDown Browser Course Copy Requirement

When copying a Desire2Learn course’s materials into another course, instructors who have copied Respondus LockDown Browser quizzes must take an additional step for their quizzes to work correctly.

After the course copy is completed, instructors should navigate to Assessments > Quizzes. There, select LockDown Browser and Monitor Dashboard.

The first time navigating to the LockDown Browser and Monitor Dashboard after a course copy, an instructor may see this message:

Your Settings Have Been Updated! Copied Courses require instructors to access the LockDown Browser dashboard before exams can be taken by students. You just did that, so you're all set!

In many cases, this step is sufficient to ensure that copied quizzes will behave correctly. However, please select the X in the upper right of that message to proceed to the Dashboard.

Please check that all quizzes listed have either Required or Not Required displayed under the LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor columns. If any quizzes indicate Error with a Fix It button, please select the Fix It button.

Fix It Buttons

When all the Fix It buttons have been selected, please refresh your browser. Please ensure that all the errors have been cleared. If they persist, Online Education Support recommends modifying the settings for an individual quiz to not requiring the LockDown Browser, Saving and Closing that setting, then modifying the settings again to require the LockDown Browser, then Saving and Closing.

Respondus LockDown Browser Access Change

Starting June 1, 2017, students will only be able to access their quizzes that require the Respondus LockDown Browser by navigating to the quiz through Desire2Learn.

Previously, students had the option to launch the LockDown Browser from their desktop or programs/applications menu, then navigate from the D2L login into their course and to the quiz. After this change, taking a LockDown Browser quiz will require students to navigate to the quiz in their course, then select the Launch LockDown Browser button. Students are also presented with a download link if the LockDown Browser is not already installed.

LDB Launch

A prior post has addressed this method. The difference at this time is that the previous alternative is going away.

Additionally, if the LockDown Browser is required to view a quiz submission attempt, the LockDown Browser will need to be launched from within the D2L course. The steps to view a quiz attempt through that method were covered in this post. Please note that selecting a quiz attempt from the Class Progress menu will not allow access if viewing that attempt requires the LockDown Browser.

Please contact Online Education Support at 785.670.2381 or if you have any questions regarding this change.

Viewing D2L Quiz Attempts with the Respondus LockDown Browser

Instructors have the option of requiring that students use the Respondus LockDown Browser to view Desire2Learn quiz attempt submissions. If the LockDown Browser is required to view a quiz attempt submission, the quiz attempt screen in a standard browser will display the message, “To view your results, you must use the Respondus LockDown Browser.”

As has been previously noted, there have been changes to how students access their D2L quizzes through the LockDown Browser. One of these changes is that students can only access their quiz attempts by navigating to the quiz and launching the LockDown Browser from the quiz.

Quiz attempts cannot be accessed through the LockDown Browser if it is launched as an application.

To access a quiz attempt requiring the LockDown Browser:

  1. Login to Desire2Learn using a standard browser.
  2. Navigate to the course and quiz.
  3. Select the drop-down menu to the right of the quiz title. Select Submissions.
  4. On the following page, select Launch LockDown Browser.
  5. Once the LockDown Browser has launched, follow the normal steps for accessing a quiz attempt.

This is the only method of accessing a quiz attempt that requires the LockDown Browser to view it. Navigating to the quiz attempt through Class Progress will not be successful if the attempt requires the LockDown Browser.

Please contact Online Education Support at 785.670.2381 or if you have any questions regarding this process.

Change to Respondus LockDown Browser

A recent update to the Respondus LockDown Browser has changed how students can access their online Desire2Learn quizzes.

Students can now access their online D2L quiz in any supported browser and launch the LockDown Browser from that quiz. Within a quiz that requires the LockDown Browser, students will see these options:

LDB Launch

Selecting Launch LockDown Browser will open the Respondus LockDown Browser and open it to the page displaying the Start Quiz option.

This process is contrasted with the previous method of accessing a LockDown Browser quiz: opening the LockDown Browser as a discrete application, logging into Desire2Learn, then navigating to a specific course and a specific quiz within that course.

Students will still have to install the LockDown Browser to take quizzes on their own computers. If the Launch LockDown Browser button is selected on a computer that does not have the LockDown Browser installed, a search will be performed, and the user will receive a message indicating that the LockDown Browser is missing. That message will also contain a download link. Washburn campus computers have the LockDown Browser installed.

Video Drop Boxes and D2L Course Copying

The Desire2Learn course copy tool can be very useful for arraying a new course with the same structure as a previously taught course. Links to videos in your Washburn Video library are copied forward and do not have to be recreated. This is also the case for any Video Dropboxes you have created in your course.

Some things to consider in case you have links to Video Dropboxes in your course:

  • When a course is copied, the link to a Video Dropbox is copied. This means that student submissions in the new course will be located in the same place as in the original course. This is different from how the Desire2Learn Assignment (formerly Dropbox) works. For Assignments, a new copy of that course item is created, and student submissions are copied to a unique location for that new course.
  • If you want each new course to have a unique Video Dropbox, you will need to create one for each course in your Washburn Video account. This will group your students’ Video Dropbox submissions together by course designation. Otherwise, each course’s student submissions will be added to the same original Video Dropbox.
  • If you do choose to create a new Video Dropbox, please note that it must have a unique title differentiating it from any others. Online Education Support recommends a name format of course-semester-assignment (e.g.: EN-300 – 2017 Spring – Dramatic Irony).
  • Video Dropboxes are only accessible to the account that created them. This means that if you created a Desire2Learn course that contains a link to a Video Dropbox in your own Washburn Video account, when your course’s materials are copied to another course taught by another instructor, that new instructor will not have access to student submissions through the Washburn Video link in the new course. In cases where you are inheriting course materials in this way, it is necessary for you to remove the link to the old Video Dropbox, establish a new Video Dropbox, and use a link to that.

If you have questions regarding how to insert a Video Dropbox link in your Desire2Learn course, please contact Online Education Support at or at (785) 670-2381. If you have questions about creating a Video Dropbox or have general Washburn Video questions, please contact Multimedia Production at or at (785) 670-3000.

Desire2Learn Withdrawn Student Participation Information

Washburn instructors are asked to provide participation information for some students who have withdrawn from courses. When a student is withdrawn from a course, they no longer appear as active in the Desire2Learn shell for that course.

Some student participation information persists in the Desire2Learn course shell, and can be used to report how much a student participated in the online component of a course. First, all Discussion participation persists after a student is withdrawn from a course; all posts and replies remain intact.

Additionally, instructors can view all the grades that a dropped student received up to the point where they withdrew. That information does not appear in the Grades area with the grades of currently enrolled students. To access that information:

  • Within the course, select Communication from the navbar, then select Classlist.Communication > Classlist
  • On the Classlist, select the Enrollment Statistics button.Enrollment Statistics
  • On Enrollment Statistics, scroll roughly halfway down to the Withdrawals section. This section shows the names, usernames, date of withdrawal, and last login date for each withdrawn student. From the drop-down menu to the right of the student’s name, select View grades.Withdrawal Menu
  • That selected student’s individual grades screen will appear.

Withdrawn Student Grades

As always, please contact Online Education Support with any questions regarding Desire2Learn records of student participation.

Grades Export

Desire2Learn instructors have the ability to export their grades directly from their course’s Grades area into Washburn’s student information system (Banner). This process, Grades Export, transfers the Final Calculated Grade or Final Adjusted Grade for each student from Grades to that student’s corresponding transcript location.

This process is available to all instructors at the end of each term. It is also available at midterm to those instructors that are required to submit midterm grades for their students. Instructors who are required to submit midterm grades are notified by administration.

Both midterm and final Grades Export are available to instructors for several days following the end of the term (or midterm). Announcements are sent to instructors regarding this window prior to availability.

Two sets of instructions are provided for Grades Export:

Exporting Final Grades from D2L to Banner describes how to submit final grades from the Desire2Learn Grades area.

Exporting Midterm Grades from D2L to Banner describes how to submit midterm grades from the Desire2Learn Grades area.


Master Syllabus Addendum to Course Syllabus

Instructors are encouraged to include additional Washburn University information with their course syllabus. There are two Master Syllabus documents: one for undergraduate courses and one for graduate courses. These documents can be found under the Teaching heading on the VPAA’s Policies and Forms page:

The updated Master Syllabus is also available for Desire2Learn instructors to link to from within their courses. The information from both the graduate and undergraduate Mastery Syllabi has been consolidated into one document. Linking to this Master Syllabus provides the benefit that any changes made to the original will appear the next time a user selects the link. Additionally, if contents are copied from one course to another course, the copied link will continue to point to the most up-to-date material.

The steps to link to the Master Syllabus from with a D2L course are:

  1. Go to the module where you place your course syllabus
  2. Click the New button
  3. Select New Link from the menu
  4. Type University Syllabus Additions in the Title box
  5. Delete http://from the URL box
  6. Copy and paste the following text into the URL box:
  7. Click the Create button


Instructor Dashboard and Course Setup Checklist

The Instructor Dashboard and Course Setup Checklist is a landing page and workflow for instructors that provides a welcome tour and task list for a quick and easy way build out upcoming Desire2Learn courses.

The Instructor Dashboard is part of a Personal Dashboard tool. The dashboard displays an instructor’s full course list, with the ability to set current courses as favorites for easier access. Instructors can also view a notification if their courses are not visible to students yet and access their own profiles from the Dashboard view. If an instructor needs to access their organization landing page, they can select the Classic Homepage link. Instructors can also choose their default landing page to be either the Classic Homepage or the Instructor Dashboard by clicking the Settings link. This will change which page they see when you log in to D2L Learning Environment. The Settings Link also allows you to reset the Welcome tour to view it again.

Instructor Dashboard

The Course Setup Checklist contains a list of suggested course setup tasks with shortcuts to the tools. Tours appear on those pages to demonstrate how to get started on the task. The Checklist lets instructors keep track of completed items. The Course Setup Checklist can also be accessed from the top of course homepages when there are still items to complete. This tool is ideal for new D2L users, as well as for experienced instructors, as it helps fast-track the process of setting up a course in D2L Learning Environment. The Instructor Dashboard must be enabled first for the required Course Setup Checklist permissions to appear. Administrators must set the permissions for instructors to view the Course Setup Checklist.

Course Setup Checklist

Only Desire2Learn instructors will have these two homepage options. Students only see the classic homepage.


Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard Update

The Respondus LockDown Browser & Dashboard has been moved inside Desire2Learn. This change was mentioned in August’s Continuous Delivery Updates.

This interface is accessible to instructors through Assessments > Quizzes. On the Quiz List, the fourth tab is labeled Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor.

These options being located where instructors control quizzes will make the Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor Dashboard widget obsolete, and it will be deprecated and eventually removed.