Respondus LockDown Browser Access Change

Starting June 1, 2017, students will only be able to access their quizzes that require the Respondus LockDown Browser by navigating to the quiz through Desire2Learn.

Previously, students had the option to launch the LockDown Browser from their desktop or programs/applications menu, then navigate from the D2L login into their course and to the quiz. After this change, taking a LockDown Browser quiz will require students to navigate to the quiz in their course, then select the Launch LockDown Browser button. Students are also presented with a download link if the LockDown Browser is not already installed.

LDB Launch

A prior post has addressed this method. The difference at this time is that the previous alternative is going away.

Additionally, if the LockDown Browser is required to view a quiz submission attempt, the LockDown Browser will need to be launched from within the D2L course. The steps to view a quiz attempt through that method were covered in this post. Please note that selecting a quiz attempt from the Class Progress menu will not allow access if viewing that attempt requires the LockDown Browser.

Please contact Online Education Support at 785.670.2381 or if you have any questions regarding this change.

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