Desire2Learn training team

A team of faculty and staff have been identified to assist in the implementation and training of Desire2Learn for Washburn University and Washburn Institute of Technology campuses. Thank you to all who are participating in this exciting transition to Desire2Learn! All training team members will be attending a two-day session on campus provided by our D2L representative, Kerry O’Brien, Feb. 14th and 15th. From there, they will be working with Sue Taylor-Owens to provide specific training opportunities to meet your needs using Desire2Learn. There will be training opportunities fully online and a combination of online and face-to-face sessions to meet the variety of faculty schedules and preferred method of learning. Training opportunities will begin the week of March 11th. Additional sessions will be available April 15th and throughout the summer 2013. More details to come! Please look to this blog for further Desire2Learn information.

Desire2Learn Training Team
Sue Taylor-Owens
Keith Rocci
Vickie Kelly
David Pownell
Barbara Ginzburg
Becky Dodge
Janice Bacon
Keith Farwell
Donna Droge
Don Williams
Susan Jarchow
Marc Routsong
Jacq Kelley
Michael Newman
Ivy LaGrone


  1. If I teach a course in the summer of 2013, will I be using D2L? Also, will I be able to get my course content off of ANGEL and on to D2L or will I need to recreate the course from scratch?

    • Karen
      We will be sending out a message shortly to those teaching this summer-to encourage using D2L but asking their preference on whether they choose to opt out of D2L for summer and make that transition in Fall 2013. As for whether materials can be transferred from Angel to D2L-the short answer is yes or you may decide to start from scratch.

  2. floyd Davenport says:

    Thanks Brenda… hope this week’s training for the core team goes well.

    • First day of training with Kerry O’Brien went great.! (Admin. training) Two days of instructor training to go and very excited to work with great faculty and staff!

      • Had another great day of training with Kerry on D2L!
        Last day of train the trainer session tomorrow! Thanks to Sue-Keith-David-Barbara-Keith F. -Sue J.-Becky-Janice-Don-Donna-Vickie-Marc-Ivy-Jacq-and Michael for joining the training team! Look forward to working with all of you.

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