10.4 Upgrade Change List

(This list is not all-inclusive. It only shows those changes that will impact faculty the most.)

In Content

Creating Video or Audio Topics

In 10.3 and older, instructors needed to create either file or link topics to add a video and audio to their course. In 10.4, instructors can now create video and audio topics directly in the Content tool. Video and audio topics are listed in modules with a special icon to distinguish them from other types of files and link topics. There are shortcuts for some websites, enabling users to create videos by simply copying and pasting the URL of the video. Others can be created by pasting its HTML embed code in the Enter Url or Embed Code field. There is an option to upload video files directly to the course HOWEVER we advise that if you want to upload videos, utilize the Washburn Video Server (which directly integrates with Desire2Learn) by contacting video@washburn.edu. Also learners can now listen to audio topics without having to download them first.

User interface improvements for topics

D2L updated the user interface for viewing content topics and activities with the goals of improving usability and minimizing clutter. Previously, all information surrounding Activity Details, Learning Objectives, and Completion Summary displayed on content topic pages as three stacked, collapsible areas. Now, these areas display as separate tabs, improving discoverability of different areas, progressive disclosure of information, and aesthetics.


In Quizzes

Quiz Item Analysis

Additional statistics are now available in the Quiz Statistics area to assist instructors in evaluating how well students perform on quiz questions after the questions are submitted for evaluation.

  • User Stats includes the standard deviation and existing class average for the overall quiz.
  • Question Stats now includes standard deviation, discrimination index, and point biserial per question, along with the standard deviation and existing class average for the overall quiz.
  • Question Details now includes standard deviation, discrimination index, and average grade achieved per question.


Restrictions Tab

D2L reorganized the Timing section in the Restrictions tab that displays when creating and editing quizzes. Changes include reorganizing the order of form fields and re-labeling form fields to be more descriptive and accurate.

Quiz timer

The Time Remaining clock in a quiz now displays seconds as well as minutes and hours to provide better information to users taking a quiz. The clock also subtly flashes for the following times:

  • If a quiz is set for more than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 10 minutes remaining.
  • If a quiz is set for less than an hour long, the clock flashes when there are 5 minutes remaining.
  • Regardless of the set timer, the clock flashes when there is 1 minute remaining.

If the quiz uses an unenforced time limit and displays a clock, the timer ticks upwards instead of downwards to indicate how much time has been spent.


Assessment Tab

D2L repositioned the “Automatic Grade – Allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion” option. Previously, the positioning of this option caused some users to miss it when configuring or editing quizzes. The option is now at the top of the page so that it is immediately noticeable and less likely to be missed by users when configuring or editing quizzes.


Ability to Preview Random Question Sections

D2L improved the process for previewing random question sections so that it is easier. Now, users just need to access the Edit Quiz page for the quiz with random sections they want to view and click the section name in the Quiz Questions area to review all random questions assigned to the quiz.


In Dropbox

Delete Individual Dropboxes

We improved the workflow for deleting dropbox folders from the main Dropbox Folders page to align with established web patterns. Instructors can now delete dropbox folders from their individual context menus or from the More Actions button.


In Discussions

Reintroducing Grid View

D2L reintegrated the grid view in the Discussions tool after receiving feedback from our users indicating that this view is essential for easily identifying learner and instructor participation, unread content, new content, and themes within Discussion topics.


Users can now set their preference to use grid view as default instead of reading view when viewing topics in the Discussions tool if they have the appropriate permissions. The ability to select grid view as their default view for topics is now located in Account Settings as well as in the Discussions Settings area.

For example, if a user selects grid view as their default view, but wants to view a topic using reading view, they can select View Topic in Reading View from the context menu of the topic. Selecting View Topic or clicking on the topic name will allow the user to view the topic using grid view.

Similarly, if a user selects reading view as their default view, but wants to assess a topic using grid view, they can select View Topic in Grid View from the context menu of the topic they want to assess. They can also select View Topic or click on the topic name to assess the topic using reading view.

Users can customize their Discussions settings for using grid view. They have the ability to set whether they can see descriptions for discussion topics and if posts appear as threaded or unthreaded, among other settings.


Bulk Delete Forums and Topics

This change allows users to maintain forums and topics more efficiently by giving them the ability to delete multiple items.


In Grades

Save and Close Buttons

The Save and Close button is now available in Grades.


Repositioned # Per Page Drop-down List

D2L made the # per page drop-down list on the Enter Grades pages more discoverable for instructors by moving it more to the left of the page. Previously, instructors frequently missed this control in large grade books because discovery of it required left-to-right scrolling. Now, the option of increasing the amount of users displayed on the page is more apparent for instructors, improving the page’s usability for large grade books.


Identify Hidden Final Grades

Previously, when Final Grades were released to students, an open eye icon (open-eye) displayed in the Final Grade column of the Enter Grades page. Now, a closed eye icon (new-closed-eye) displays in the Final Grade column beside unreleased final grades and an updated open eye icon (new-open-eye) displays in the Final Grade column beside released final grades.



Respondus LockDown Browser for Students

download link

Your Desire2Learn course may have a quiz that requires the Respondus LockDown Browser. This is a browser that restricts access to other resources on a computer when it is active. It launches as a separate application. Your quiz requires the LockDown Browser if you are accessing it a common browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, […]

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Respondus Monitor available

Respondus Monitor is an application that works as an additional layer of security within Desire2Learn to create a video recording of students taking a D2L quiz. Monitor is currently available to Washburn instructors for use in any course with any Desire2Learn quiz. See this page for general information about Respondus Monitor. For a Desire2Learn quiz […]

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D2L upgrade scheduled May 21-22, 2015


Our learning management system, Desire2Learn is scheduled to be upgraded to version 10.4 on May 21 & 22, 2015.  This upgrade is necessary to prepare our campus for the continuous delivery method of updates that D2L is requiring all customers adopt by the end of the 2015 year.  This upgrade will require 48 hours of […]

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Course Merge Request Form

As an instructor, you may find that you are teaching the same course or using the same course materials for two or more groups of students. If you wish, your Desire2Learn courses can be combined into one course. This process, called merging or crosslisting, consolidates your course rosters into one course from which you can […]

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Mock quiz for students to download and test Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser download

The download link for the Respondus LockDown Browser is provided to students is through a Desire2Learn quiz that requires it. When a student navigates to that quiz in an ordinary browser, he or she sees this message:  Selecting the blue link takes the student to the Respondus LockDown Browser download page. Thereafter, when a student […]

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Jennifer McGraw joins Online Education Support

Please help us welcome Jennifer (Jenn) McGraw to ITS: as a new employee in Instructional Services-Online Education Support. Jenn fills the fulltime Online Education Support Specialist I position.  Her primary responsibilities will be supporting faculty, staff, and students in Online Education Support; providing training and support of the Desire2Learn Learning Management System (LMS), Desire2Learn Insights, Desire2Learn Learning […]

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Requesting Online Course Access for Deans/Chairs

Faculty/Staff, As you progress through the semester and have a need to request access to online courses that you are not the primary instructor for, please follow the guidelines below to request that access.  These guidelines can be found under the Desire2Learn Tips and Guidelines section of Online Education Support’s website. Online Course Access Guidelines Typically this […]

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Desire2Learn Online Training Location

The online (self-paced) training moved at the end of Spring semester. You can find it by doing the following: Log in to D2L using your MyWashburn login information OR, if you get to D2L through MyWashburn, click the My Home link in the upper left Click the Help menu Choose Training & Orientation   This […]

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Desire2Learn upgrade to 10.3

Tomorrow our instance of Desire2Learn will be upgraded to 10.3 .  D2L will not be available May 22nd, 2014.  Some of the features/enhancements you will see in 10.3 include: New locations for menu items, such as Change Role New Widget-Book List New left-side tab Enhancements to: Add Activities in Content area Change file option Discussion-students […]

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