As in prior years, the itinerary of our time in Nicaragua has been planned and arranged by the staff at ProNica, our host non-governmental organization. Here’s the plan, in brief.

Day 1

Travel to Nicaragua, leaving “as Kansans.”

Arrive in the evening. Settle in at Quaker House.

Day 2

Visit Laguna de Apoyo, a volcanic crater lake about an hour from Managua.
Dinner with Philip Montalban, one of the country’s most famous reggae singers. (Watch one of his videos on YouTube.)

Day 3

Nicaraguan history lesson at the Center for Global Education. The center is affiliated with Augsburg College in Minneapolis, Minn. (Learn more about the center.)

Visit the Women’s Clinic of Acahualinca, a community-based health outreach initiative in one of Managua’s most impoverished neighborhoods.

Day 4

Visit Casa Filtro. “Filter House” supports children who live on the streets and have become addicted to glue sniffing to overcome their addiction so they can later be served in a residential program. Both Casa Filtro and the residential program are operated by Los Quinchos.

Visit historic sites in Managua, including Tiscapa and the Sandino museum.

Day 5

Travel to Matagalpa to visit Casa Materna, a Michigan-based NGO serving rural Nicaraguan women with high-risk pregnancies.

Tour Matagalpa and stay overnight at Casa Materna.

Day 6

Visit the farm of Vicente Padilla, who grows organic coffee near Matagalpa.

Visit Casa del Nino in San Ramon, which includes a program teaching young people to work as eco-tour guides.

Overnight at Casa Materna.

Day 7

Depart for Luz y Luna hostel in Estelí.

Visit the Gallery of Heroes and Martyrs of Estelí. The mother of a fallen Sandinista soldier will give us a tour and speak about the impacts of the Contra War and the revolution in Estelí.

Visit the home of delegation guide Aldo Marcel in Estelí.

Overnight at Luz y Luna hostel.

Day 8

Travel to El Limón with community leader Ismael Blandón.

Meet our host families.

visit a local waterfall

Day 9

Service project work with the residents of El Limón.

Day 10

Service project work with the residents of El Limón.

Day 11

Service project work with the residents of El Limón and a night of celebration.

Day 12

Depart for Granada (5 hours by bus).

Settle in at hostel in Granada.

Day 13

Depart for Las Isletas. Our tour includes a visit to Monkey Island, home to several species of monkey, rescued by a local veterinarian.

Visit historic sites and museums in Granada.

Day 14

Visit Volcán Masaya National Park and the Masaya craft market.

Day 15

Visit Los Quinchos’ farm about 20 minutes from Granada, as well as its residential programs for boys and girls. We will visit with the children and likely play soccer.

Return to Quaker House in Managua.

Day 16

Departure. Return to Kansas City International airport “as Nicaraguans.”

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