Laura missed her hairdryer. She was attentive to what we were doing but she may have had the toughest culture shock.

During our reflection in El Limon, her wry humor came through. “I’m from Kansas City. This was really, I think I’m adjusting well — I’m not crying everyday.”

But each day she learned something new and was surprised.

“Everything that has happened I haven’t expected,” she said one day. “Each palce we learned something more.”

She especially enjoyed visiting so many different nonprofit organizations.

And it was Laura who got the group of 14 students, one professor and one staff member talking about how we will stay in touch. How people you never even knew existed can change your life forever.

A member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, Laura is a senior majoring in human services. She plans to work with special needs children and their families.

Laura, with cards fanned in front of her face.

Laura, playing cards in the Atlanta airport. We’re almost home!

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