Deanna is a mother of five so she comes by the title “the mom” quite honestly.

True to form, her carry-on bag rivals only Mary Poppins’ endless bag of necessities. She’s got stuff to make you go, stuff to make you stop going, stuff to relieve inflammation, drain your sinuses, stop a cough, wrap an injury and who knows what else.

When someone needed nail clippers and she realized she didn’t have any, she bought some. She is prepared for any situation and ready to share. She doesn’t even wait for you to ask, she just gives you what you need so you can decide what to do with it.

Deanna is a senior majoring in human services who lives between Ottawa and Williamsburg. Her son, Nathan (the second oldest of five), also is on the trip.

Deanna visits in El Limon.

Deanna visits in El Limon.

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