Meghan has an amazing laugh. If you’ve never met her, you would still be able to pick out that laugh that is so full of life and joy in a room.

Since we arrived in Nicaragua Meghan has entered every new experience with the eyes of a child — soaking it all in with wonder and excitement. Her emotions are raw and powerful and she comfortable enough in her own skin to share them openly.

In El Limon, she and Christian, a 7-year-old from the village, were attached at the hip, both laughing and loving every minute in spite of limited ability to communicate verbally. Just watching them interact was a blast.

This trip has changed Meghan, who is preparing to graduate with a degree in human services. It has opened her mind and heart to professional possibilities she had never considered before. Originally from Atchison, she has had several conversations with Lucy about living and working abroad.

Whatever she decides to do, Meghan will bring valuable perspective, zest for life and the valuable skill of adaptability.

Meghan, center, has Christina on her shoulders.

Meghan, center, has Christina on her shoulders.

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